Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A dream of mine

Have you ever been afraid to fail? I think most of us have right?! It has always been a dream of mine to write a book, a few months ago I had what I think is a great idea for a book. I told my sister and some friends about it and they seem to agree, I have already written the outline. I was putting it off because (and this is what I kept telling myself) I didnt have time as a full time mommy and also working nights it was hard to find the peace and quiet and more importantly the time to write. Recently this scenario changed, I am now a stay at home mom and my kids go to school....but i find myself afraid to start writing; because?! Im afraid for two major reasons:
  1. ´That I won´t be able to write (that I´ll have writer´s block before I even begin.)
  2. That it won´t be as good as it is in my head
Failing to write this book will have a major impact on me, it will mean the end of my dream.
My dream to be a writer, to have written a see once I try to make my dream a reality then it will no longer be a dream.... does that make sense???

Happy reading
Happy writing!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


This weekend we went to the farm as planned, what we didnt plan for was the nasty weather! It was cold and it was rainning so we didnt go to the waterfall as we had originally planned :/
We brought this couple with us to the farm, they are good friends of ours. They were ready to do some serious walking as was I (or so i thought.) Our friends and my husband were waiting for me by this wooden gate and as I was walking towards them I noticed that my feet were no longer touching the ground, noooo they were up in the air as I had slipped on the mud, my first reflex was to put my hands on the ground to cushion the fall (either that or i dindt want to get my bottom all dirty...i still dont know) either way in the process I hurt my wrist pretty badly! Actually at the time i didnt feel anything but later on the swelling kinda let me know something was wrong. It was pretty funny so naturally I laughed. You see I have a problem if someone falls in front of me I laugh, if I fall I laugh....I cant really control it. I also hit my knee on the bed frame and yes it is also swollen! Aside from my unfortunate mishaps we had a pretty good time....we saw the cute sheeps, the turkeys, the dirty pigs, well all the animals you can expect to see at a farm! I have to say though that the highlight of this lil trip (for me anyways) was imitating the sound the turkey makes cuz everytime I did it they would all do it it was like we were speaking the same language..haha
We walked a lot, slept a lot, ate a lot and we also did some fishing :) All in all a fun weekend..aside from my but thats what i get for being clumsy. Hopefuly next time we go we can actually visit the beautiful waterfall which is over 30 meters high :) and I´ll take pics to show you all!!!!!!!!

Happy Reading
happy writing!

Friday, June 24, 2011


This weekend I´ll be going to my in-laws farm!! Now I dont really like the farm, because there is nothing to do...well now you are staring at your computer screen wondering if I´ve lost my mind...nothing to do at a farm?? crazy right?! There are lots of things to do if you like to go fishing, riding, walking, etc... But I do not like any of those things! The only thing I love to do there is to eat and sleep!!! I know I´m soooo boring; I just dont have the patience to go fishing (i´ve tried!), I dont have the courage to go riding, I´m afraid of horses (ever since superman fell from one...), and I can walk anywhere. But this time I´m excited to go cuz we are going to visit the waterfall!!!!! YAY! which includes a lot of walking and riding on a tractor! LOL yes a tractor! we are going all the way! It also includes me jump walking through the woods because I´m sooo afraid of snakes. But its always worth it when we get there, its simply beautiful! Also this time I´ll take pictures and tell you all about my lil upcoming adventure =) Before it begins I have to do soooo many things...Wash the bathrooms, clean the house, and do tons of loads of laundry.... so looking forward to that....NOT! I better be going if I want to finish all today =)

Happy reading
Happy writing!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love

I love watching my kids
I love the sound of the train
I love the smell of the rain
I love the sight of the night sky
I love taking long hot showers
I love hearing the hooster in the morning (I can hear them when I visit my in-laws farm)
I love being able to sleep for as long as I want
I love to eat
I love coke
I love to read
I love to write
I love the cinema
I love meeting new people
I love my family and friends
I love sunny days
I love rainy days when I have nothing to do and I can just sit around with a good book to read
I love to travel
I love old music
I love I love Lucy
I love red dry wine

One of those days...

Today I did not feel like going to work, but I did anyways...(actually I had to)
The whole time I was there I was daydreaming about being somewhere else, I do that a lot; daydream I mean. I picture my self in a book, in another country, in the life of someone else, etc. I also think about how things would´ve turned out if I made different choices in life, or what would  happen if I won a large amount of I said its my dream and I can do whatever I want, be whomever I want :) . Thats the beauty of day dreaming you can do anything you want, in it you are the boss :)

As always
Happy reading
Happy writing!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The almost getting SHOT story!

Unfortunately I still dont have the pictures I wanted to put on this post.... *hint* *hint* Chris!!! As soon as my dear friend sends them to me I´ll post them here. Before I tell you about me almost getting shot I want you to understand my state of mind at the time of the incident. Few days before my house was shot at I went ghost hunting at a graveyard with some friends of mine. Chris had done this many a times before and told me about so I thougtht it would be cool to give it a try. There was one particular spot in the graveyard where I felt a was a heavy feeling so I asked my Chris to take a picture of me, when we saw the picture we saw this big smoky area besides me; now no one was smoking and either ways the smoke coming from that area was too great to be from a cigarette. Needless to say I was spooked, y was I the only one feeling it and y was it around me?! After about 2 hours we left with some recordings and some pics, all really creepy.

Well that being said I can now tell you what was my first thought was when i heard the "BOOM" without you being like "what?" It was a few days after the graveyard happening, I was going to make popcorn and as I was walking towards my pantry a few inches in front of me the frame I had hung on my wall shattered making a loud noise, so I stopped and looked at it and the frame was still hanging only the glass part broke.
So, naturally the first thing that came to my head was GHOST! So I pick up my phone and start dialing Chris while its ringing I scream at the top of my lungs for my roommate Sam, she comes running down the stairs and I tell her what I thought happened, while she is looking over the frame and shattered glass I´m telling Chris what happened, and if it could be because of our lil adventure in the graveyard. Sam yells "Jen its a bullet!!!" I say goodbye to Chris ( who is now freaking out .) Besides my pantry door is the basement door, and stuck to my basement door is a bullet! Now I´m really freaking out, I mean who could possibly want me dead??? Sam calls 911, and they get there within 4 minutes I let the cops in and explain the whole ordeal as best as I can.....there were two cops inside the house and the others looking for the culprit or culprits outside.

After I finished telling him all I knew the young cop looks at me and says "Dont you remember me" so I stare at his face trying to place it but I couldn´t for the life of me. So i tell him "no, should I?" And he responds " I was one of the cops there the night your car rolled in the ocean" so then I remember him... he was the one asking me all the questions that night too... Now I tried not to laugh, he had that lil knowing smile on his face and I´m thinking of course he knows my car didnt just roll into the ocean.... ( you see that is the story I told the cops, I said I was going home from work and I was really tired and I had to pee so I stopped and thought I had put my car on P but it was really on N so it just rolled down the ramp into the ocean. Which is all unbelievable because of course the restaurant was closed as was everything, but they bought it :) or at least they pitied me so they pretendend. (there is another post where I mention this story called Time Flies---Edited.) So I very serious said "oh yea I remember you now" and he said " Man aren´t you lucky" ... funny!

Okay back to the whole almost getting shot story... Forensics came and got the bullet out and did all the things they were supposed to do. The guy then tells me that if I was one second ahead of where I was the bullet would have hit me and from the height of where the bullet got stuck it would have hit the side of my head!!!!!!!!!!! And that it was a hollow-point bullet.... I was like "a what now?" he explained to me that a hollow-point bullet expands upon entering the target disrupting more tissue as it travels the target!!!!!!! YES I WAS FREAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cops that were searching for the culprit/s found them! They told me that behind my house (my house sits on a land of a lil over an acre) there is a shooting range, and that 2 brothers were shooting in an unpermitted location one of the brothers was 16 and the other18. So you can guess which one said it was his fault!... Of course the 16 yr old (now that i dont believe.) Either way everyone there was amazed that the bullet travelled that far and dodged soooooo many trees just to accidently hit my house and almost kill me!!!!

So thats the story of Jennifer Papps (me) almost getting shot by a hollow-point bullet no less!

Happy Reading
Happy Writing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If only wishes would come true

I wish, I wish
I could lay down and rest
no worries no care
I wish I wish
I could get up and work
no guilt, no rush
I wish I wish
I could be a better person
no judgment, no flaw
I wish I wish
I could have more time
no hurry, no fear
I wish I wish
I could see the stars to make my wishes upon
no stars, no moon
Only darkness tonight...

Happy Reading
Happy Writing

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7 Totally random facts!!!

I´ve been tagged so here are the 7 random facts I thought really interesting...If I leave a comment in your blog, you´ve been tagged and you have to post 7 random facts...of your choice :)

  1. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. That´s why I´m always sleepy in the mornings ;) And I guess I´ll always be because I dont eat fruits :/
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger´s famous line in the movie The Terminator "I´ll be back" was originally scripted as "I´ll come back." Boy oh boy am I glad they changed it! I love that line and use it very often :)
  3. Flossing daily will reduce your risk of getting heart disease. WOW now that surprised me! Who would´ve though! I know that having a glass of dry red wine is good :) now flossing???
  4. Licking a stamp leads t the consumption of 1/10 of a calorie. I´ll never lick another stamp! Now thats crazy!
  5. You share your birthday with about 9 million other people in the world. Gosh and I thought It was my own special day... :/
  6. During yor lifetime, you will produce 25,000 quarts of saliva, which is enough to fill two swimming pools. How cool is that?
  7. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovlcanoconiosis means lund disease. It is 45 letters long and its the longest english word! I really almost felt like putting a comma there
I hope you´ve enjoyed my 7 random facts :)

Happy Birthday!!

Six years ago my youngest son was born, he weighed 8'3 and was 21 inches long! Big boy! He is a very loving, energetic, intelligent, creative kid! It amazes me how WELL he draws! I couldn´t be more proud to be his mother!
Daniel 6 days old

Danny 2 months old

Danny 3 months
Johnny and Danny
Danny 6 months
Danny 4 months

Danny 11 months

Danny, me and daddy at his 1 yr b-day party
Daniel 5 yrs old

Danny 06/14/2011


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don´t you?

Don´t you hate when you forget what it is you were looking for?

Don´t you hate when someone starts talking to you and calls you by your name but you can´t remember theirs, so all you got is that stupid smile on...and all you say is "yea" "ok" "neat" stupid words to fill in the gap.

Don´t you hate when you come home and you go straight to the fridge to heat up the leftovers, only to find out that someone got to them before you?

Don´t you hate that when you are trying to find something it almost seems like that objects has legs and is really just playing hide and seek?

Don´t you hate when said objects appear only when you no longer need them?? And it amazes me that they are in the most weird places...

Don´t you hate when you have to wake up early the next day and you look at the alarm clock or in most cases ur cell phone and its midnight and you think to urself..."okay i have 6 hours to sleep" the time goes by and you still havent fallen asleep and you look at the clock again and its 1am and you think "okay 5 hours" and sooo on until you just think " damn im screwed."

Don´t you hate when you go into a store and when you are going to the register and they say cash only! i mean who carries chash nowadays

Don´t you hate when u go to the market cuz you need something and you come back with a whole bunch of groceries only to find out that the one thing you needed you didnt buy!

Okay enough hate....pretend all the sentences above begin with "Don´t you love"

P.S. The story about me almost getting shot is coming very soon :)

Happy Reading
Happy Writing!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time flies! Edited

Its a Jennifer.. lol (me)
In exactly 30 days I will turn 26! I cannot believe it, time just flies.
Here are some of the things that has made an impact on my life:
  • Getting married, and having my sons.
  • Driving my car into the ocean (I thought it was a puddle, it was raining I had a few too add that to turning into the parking lot of a restaurant that had a ramp to unload crabs and you get me me in the ocean with my car!)
  • Almost getting shot! The bullet that went through the drywall came very close to hitting me! I thought it was a i had been ghost hunting the previous week...well I think this story deserves its own post! So check in later for it :)
  • Of course meeting all my wonderful friends! P.S You know who you are :)
  • Going bankrupt in 2 countries...COMIC!
  • Moving to another country
  • Being away from my wonderful frieds :(((
  • My journey to and from the crazy world of drugs, sex and rock and roll
  • Turning my life around through Jesus Christ, my saviour!
Some things I´ve learned
  1. Never listen to the bad things people say about you, only listen if it will help you improve yourself
  2. Its not why or how you fall, but how you get up that counts! And when you are down there is only one way to go and thats up! And when making your way up dont take the elevator or the escalator take the stairs...step by step you will get there! Wiser..
  3. That I really dont know anything, but Im having fun living and learning!

Anyways as Im in a hurry..(really need to get ready for work) it will b all for now :)

Happy reading
Happy writing!!!!!!!!!


Two dreams about tornadoes in the past month, what does it mean???? And no i have not been watching Twister, although that was a great movie :) Weird... if anyone knows what it means please do tell!

On another note Miss cranky pants has left the building!!! OHOOOO! I have been soo cranky this week, and I have no idea why?? If I didnt know any better I would say I was bipolar...wait I dont know any better.
Ummmm...maybe I should go to a psychiatrist, then again maybe not. LOL I tell you these mood swings are craAzy!

Happy Reading
Happy writing!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Amazing Dogs

I have a yellow, rescued, big sized, blind dog
Great watch dog :) Love him!

A black, rescued, middled sized, crippled dog
Sweetie cuz thats what he is!
And a white, store bought, small sized, singing dog (who thinks he is a person)

So thats me with my singing dog...Should we try out for American Idol as a duet?? LOL

Happy Reading, Happy writing!!!

Its a monday!

This morning at 11ish i dragged myself out of bed.
Did not brush my hair
Did not brush my teeth
Did not have the time to because as always
I was running late.
Went to the neighbor´s house to get the my kids
Who were happily playing on their bikes.
Of course the neighbor stared at me
I looked exactly the way one should after rolling of the bed.

They will get use to it as it happens a lot in the mornings I over sleep.
Made the beds, washed the dishes and I felt like something was missing...
Then I came to the computer and decided to write a post.
Nothing is amiss now :)

Happy Reading
Happy writing!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Through the years

In high school I had no labels, I wanst the most popular girl in school but I wasnt invisible either. I got along with everyone, had lots of friends (I was friends with everyone, no matter their "label"), I use to be in the volleyball team and I really have fond memories of my high school years. Sifting through my stuff I found this letter, it was from one of my friends, he use to type a letter each week and give it to some of the people he knew. I wish I had kept all of them, but at least one made it through the years...and this is what it said exactly in his words:
Hey Remember me? I´m that guy, you know. Well you probably won´t admit to knowing me but you do. I´m destroyed every day by look people give me. Reopen wounds from love, make my heart bleed. Life seems meaningless. Yes I´ve told you this before but it seems to get worse every day. What does life do to those people who expect every little thing? Life destroys my feelings and my soul. How do I live on in my weakened condition? I don´t understand how my life can be so messed up. I don´t realize thing until it´s too late. Why, why do I suffer? Why do I have this pain? You don´t know this but every night I come home I cry. I cry for all the people like me and the things the put up with to save face. I am not doing it anymore. I put make up on my face  and I act and dress crazy because that´s who I am. That´s how I see myself. An outsider looking in on all those pretty little dolls. The people who do all the things people expect thm to do. Not me not anymore. These feelings burn inside me as if they are burning in my flesh. Kiling me and my life.
I am not normal but who is. We are all people but we are all different. So there is no normal. Destroy my life and destroy my feelings but you´ll never destroy my hopes and dreams. You´ll never destroy me as a person. I´ll stand tall as long as I have to in order to live out my life for what I believe in.You´ll never kill me, only I can do that.

                                               Jacob  ---> ( I didnt use his real name)

Now as I look back and read this letter I ask myself what did I do for him? Was I nice enough? Did Ihelp him in some way? I sure hope I did! Back then I was so busy being a teen and all that goes along with that, but sure hope I was in some way good to him. I hope to find him someday! If you are still in school please be nice to everyone!

Happy reading,
happy writing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A good deed, INDEED!!!!

Okay so I have been dying to get home and tell you all about my good deed! Remember my post called Pay it forward? In the end I said I would do a good deed to a total stranger then post about it. Well I finally did it!!! I went to work today and everything was the same old, fry the churros fill them and give it to the customer. Today the spot we were working at is a very busy avenue ( we sell churros from our car.) 
That´s our churros car
 While I was frying the churros there was this homeless dog trying to cross the street
Very busy Avenue
well needless to say he was run over!!! OMG it made such a loud noise!!! The poor dog is lying there on the street and I´m so upset over the whole thing (even worse the car that ran him over did NOT stop) that i run and try to stop the cars so that this guy that saw the whole thing could pick him up and put him on the sidewalk.  When we finally got him to safety, he was bleeding badly!! I couldnt stop working so I told my husband to call our friend and ask him to drive the dog to the vet. Meanwhile this car that was also driving by when the accident happened returned, they also wanted to help the dog ! A very nice couple with a beautiful baby girl! I was so happy to see that there are still people that care! They went to the vet with our friend and then they brought him back to us because they dont have the space to accommodate the dog and we do. When they came back they told us that he only cut a vein close to his leg!! I couldnt believe it, I mean that dog was literally born again! Now we have brought him home with us, we are going to nurture him back to health and of course keep him :) Here is a pic of him, we dont know what to name him yet any suggestions???
This is him before we took him to the vet :(
When he came back from the vet!

In front of the clinic
So yes my good deed to a total stranger went to a homeless dog :) Well he is not homeless anymore :)

Happy reading, happy writing

Happy things :) TOP 10

While looking through some blogs I saw a post that I really enjoyed, the blogger posted 10 things that made her happy :) I can´t remember the name of the blog but she said to do the same. So here is the 10 things that makes me happy:

Knowing there is a God--> It gives me hope and meaning
Gelson--> For being there
My Sons--> My greatest accomplishments. The reason I get up each day.
My family--> Dysfunctional, crazy, all over the world, but great people truly :)
My Friends--> For putting up with my craziness
Reading--> I love to lose myself in a book, escape reality.
Writing--> A passion of mine
The sound of the train--> Makes me wonder where its coming from, where its going...and from there my imagination just takes me on a ride :)
A clean house--> oh i know im a freak, I suffer from OCD. ;) but there is nothing like a clean house.
Rainy days->when you are able to stay home and do whatever Sunny days-> anytime :)

Now what make you happy?

Happy reading, happy writing!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What do YOU think?

As I went about my day something kept nagging me, does everything that happens to us "pre-written" or not? I mean we are where we are; wherever that may be because of the choices we made in life, correct? I think so. But what if we made different choices and still ended up making the same mistakes or just ended up in the same place, only taking a different route to get there? I putting it literally into perspective, say you want to go to,  dont know say its walmart you could probably get there by at least 2 different ways; one could have more trafic lights, the other could take you longer to get there but you would still get there either way right?
What do you think?