Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random thoughts of a very weird mind...

Ever wonder how you will be remembered? When people die it is in our nature to only remember the good things that person did, their traits not their flaws... When I go I want people to remember who I really was, good and bad. I do not want anyone to mourn my loss but to rejoice in the life I lived....flaws and all.

Different subject...

"I say what I mean and mean what I say" I guess you could say this is my best friend´s motto, and she really stands by this! I admire her and envy her, I envy how sure she is of herself how sure she is of what she wants. I on the other hand am completely different, not because i dont mean what I say...when I say it, in that moment it really is what I mean, but most times I don´t understand my feelings and I guess it all comes down to being afraid of my feelings, of facing the consequences that my decisions would bring. Its funny because a few years ago I was fearless, I confronted all my problems and decisions I had to make head on. What changed? I don´t know...I wish I could figure it out and have the courage to change. Maybe one day soon....

Another change of subject...

I love the smell of the rain
I love the snow
I love the sound of the train
I love the night sky
I love the beach, especially at night
I love the color red

Wow this has been a weird
well it suits the author ;)

Happy reading
Happy writing!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No limits!

For those I love there is no limits to what I would do for them... I treasure each and every person in my life, they are a gift from God in my life. I´m 26 yrs old and even after all I´ve seen and been through I still have the hope of a happily ever after, naive huh?! yea i think so too. Even if it doesn´t happen, its is my hope that somewhere... to some it does happen. A friend of mine who recently died (at 33 of a heart attack) always said that we were here to better ourselves, so that next time we could do things differently, be better people. I would love to believe that we get a second chance; unfortunately i don't believe in reincarnation, however i do believe we are here for a purpose and why not to better ourselves? Everyday we learn something, everyday we make mistakes, the thing is we must forgive and move on. Never forgetting how we got to be where we are and who we are, most importantly never forget who we want to be.
I for one..
Want to be someone that lives with no regrets
Loves with no limits
Gives with no expectations
Does what needs to be done with courage
Faces everyday with a simile on my face
Takes no moment for granted....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh yea it´s the weekend!

I will not rhyme,
I will not whine,
I will simply write..

Okay so now I´ll shall begin
And I´ll do it with my weekend
It has been wild/fun to say the least
I had the chance to get to know three awesome people this weekend
One of them being my friend ( and ill just come out and say awesome friend´s father-in-law)
And two German guys =) Nick and Michael!!!! Although i tried to learn some German I´m afraid I have
failed BADLY!!! hey KUDOS FOR TRYING!! Anyways Hey NICK AND MICHAEL! I had
fun getting to know you both and a little bit of your culture this weekend...ALL the mime and trying to talk in two different languages included!!! AWESOME!! IF you guys ever come back you MUST come visit!!! It has been a great weekend! So many emotions in play... ALL i gots to say is I´m lucky! I have  beautiful people in my life! I´ll end it with this:
Do NOT ever settle for less, I wrote this ages ago...have posted this months ago but IT has
REMAINED true...

Happy reading
Happy writing everyone!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Its easy to smile and laugh
when all is going your way
Its easy to say pretty words
when all is okay
Its easy to give advice to other people´s problems
Because you are not the one going through it
It is even easy to pretend you´re okay
for the benefit of putting out a strong front
for the benefit of others....
But when you get right down to it
In the end of the day, when all you have to face is yourself
And you can´t lie or pretend because you know better
What then? where is the mask we all wear when
we actually need it? when we need it to save us from ourselves??

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Move on or fight?

So I´ve been wondering, for no particular reason..i guess. You know how some people are just at the right place at the right time? How they manage to turn a small idea into a fortune? Or maybe even their action?Unlike others who work just as hard (if not harder) and never get anywhere... Maybe love works the same way, maybe some are destined to be with the person their were meant for...and some just keep searching or settle for what they can/did get. I mean who knows why life has such an ironic sense of humor, even cruel at times?! Do we accept this and move on and just play the cards we were dealt? Or we go to the mattresses?! In other words we fight until we get it right?!

Too late?

Where are you when I need you the most?
There are things that needs to be said
Things I need to get off my chest.
You are my one and only, even though
I am not yours...
Sad as this might be, I cannot let it go
You have made my heart prisoner of
my everlasting love.
Everything happens for a reason and
Even though I met you too late, I cant regret it
For I would have never met you otherwise
My only regret is not having the courage
To tell you how I felt, better yet how I feel
And will always feel.....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Turning point, for me at least =)

A new year has begun,
Though I have not made any resolutions
I have decided to not worry about yesterday
Not overthink what tomorrow might bring
Only enjoy every moment of my present day...
Realizing that today is a gift, one we must not take for granted
And to be able to live the present with those we love most is
Simply wonderful!