Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random thoughts of a very weird mind...

Ever wonder how you will be remembered? When people die it is in our nature to only remember the good things that person did, their traits not their flaws... When I go I want people to remember who I really was, good and bad. I do not want anyone to mourn my loss but to rejoice in the life I lived....flaws and all.

Different subject...

"I say what I mean and mean what I say" I guess you could say this is my best friend´s motto, and she really stands by this! I admire her and envy her, I envy how sure she is of herself how sure she is of what she wants. I on the other hand am completely different, not because i dont mean what I say...when I say it, in that moment it really is what I mean, but most times I don´t understand my feelings and I guess it all comes down to being afraid of my feelings, of facing the consequences that my decisions would bring. Its funny because a few years ago I was fearless, I confronted all my problems and decisions I had to make head on. What changed? I don´t know...I wish I could figure it out and have the courage to change. Maybe one day soon....

Another change of subject...

I love the smell of the rain
I love the snow
I love the sound of the train
I love the night sky
I love the beach, especially at night
I love the color red

Wow this has been a weird
well it suits the author ;)

Happy reading
Happy writing!


  1. you already changed before, you can do that again! keep changing... don't be afraid of that!
    maybe your feelings are scaring you know, because they also changed and you need to get to know each other better, now... don't doubt when you mean what you say, but don't stick to it too strictly, because moments come and go, things change too, and mostly the people around you!
    your feelings are just getting stronger... take the time you need to grow as strong as they are! the courage won't announce it is there, but once you feel it, don't make preparations, just dive in!

  2. Great Advice ANA! you are so right, im taking that to heart!


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