Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Need..

First I need a...
Followed by...

Then I need to catch up on some...

And it would be icing on the cake if I could take a....
Because I really am....

Literally dragging myself....

The end!

Happy Reading, happy writing!!!!!!

TOP 10/ Love is in the air!!!

Top Ten Reasons why I fell in love with my then-to-be hubby
  1. He bought me a coconut
  2. He bought me a watermellon
  3. He didn´t give up on making me fall in love with him for 2 YEARS!!!
  4. He drove more than 1400 miles (to and from) just to see me for a few days!
  5. He was and still is a man of God
  6. He openend the car door for me, he was and still is a gentleman (at least when he wants to be) :)
  7. He drove 700 miles with a bouquet of roses with the AC blasting so they wouldnt die, just for me :)
  8. He took me everywhere he possibly could and made it all romantic!
  9. He listened, truly listened
  10. He was and still is very giving to everyone!
Top 10 reasons why my love is in an eternal growing stage

  1. He is a man of God,  he enjoys doing his work!
  2. He is very hard working, always thinking of providing for his family.
  3. He is the BEST father my children could possibly have, he dotes on them.
  4. He teaches my kids according to the word of God, and prays with them daily.
  5. He is a great cook, and he does it with love for his family
  6. He never complains about helping me around the house(well almost never)
  7. He is like Bob the builder.....he can fix anything
  8. He is generous beyond words
  9. He is constantly suprising me, sometimes with an unexpexted gift, and lots of times with kind, loving words.
  10. He is my BEST friend, my confidant, the person who is besides me no matter what! Even when I´m losing my mind and I´m very cranky he´s still there for me!!!
  11. I know I said top 10 but I had to include that he takes such good care of me when I´m sick :)
Love is something that has to cultivated, and thats what we try to do here in our home. We sit down to have meals together, we have our devotionals, and most important we still go out on dates :)

So if you are married what do you do to cultivate that love?
P.S the concept of this blog was taken from 4 of us blog.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pay it forward!

Love is a beautiful thing! The true beauty of a person lies in the capacity of that person´s ablility to love!
Those two sentences above I wrote as a comment on my friend´s blog ( 4 of us) and I just wanted to share it here on my blog because the more I think about it the more I see the truth in those words.

One is only as good as one tries to be,
One is only loved as much as he loves,
One only receives as much as he gives (--> and this doesnt mean you will receive from the person you gave it could be the same person, but as it happens you will most likely receive from others)

If only we could love eachother, truly love without any taints... I can only imagine a world where its people honestly loved one another. That´s why in Matthew 22:39 Jesus says that the second greatest commandment is: " Love your neighbor as yourself." It´s easy to love those who love us....

One of my favorite movies is Pay it forward, its not really about love as much as it is
about doing good deeds for total strangers just cause!
So let´s pay it forward!  This is what I ask of everyone this week do a good deed and then
comment here about it :) Tomorrow I´ll do it and then comment here to tell you how it went! It should be fun :)

Happy Reading
Happy Writing

Thank you for coming :) --- Edited

I have noticed that my blog has been visited by people from other countries, so I want to give a shout out to Finland, Greece, Albania, Georgia, Brazil, South Aftica, Russia, Malaysia, Angola, Australia, India, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal, Denmark, Philippines,Nicaragua , Ukraine, Peru, Singapore, Slovakia, China, Hong Kong, Fance, South Korea, Belgium, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Latvia, Fijji, Mauritius, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Nepal, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Romania, United Arab Emirates, and the UK! Thanks for taking an interest and I hope you are enjoying the blog. I would love if you all would leave a comment so that I could get to know you all through your blogs :) Look foward to hearing from all of you and going to your blogs!

Happy Reading! Happy writing!
Jennifer Papps

And the twitching continues....

For over a month now my left eye has been twitching and it has now come to a point
where i just want to rip it out of my face!!!! I can´t stand it anymore, i have done some research as to why
this would happen and this is a list of probable causes:
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Eye strain
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Dry eyes
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Allergies
So i have narrowed down to 5 possibilities, out of 8 thats not much help! If you are wondering the
first 5 are the ones i have pinned down as the probable cause.
Now this is some things i have been told to do by my some buddies at FB...

     * Hit my head on something as hard as i can
     *Take a nice long bubble bath while drinking some wine
     *Sleep and try not to worry so much

When i first read advice #1 I LOL but now that the twitching hasnt gone away and I´m very close to ripping right out altogether I´m finally giving it some thought...and NO I´m not LOL anymore.
When I read advice #2 I was delighted, who wouldnt enjoy a nice long bubble bath?? wine too?! just icing on the cake! Problem with that is that I don´t have a bath tub....so I thought maybe if I take a plastic chair and put under the shower and just sit there?! Like a waterfall?? while holding my glass of wine away from my body so that the waterfall doesn´t literally fall in my glass...haha I know
So when I read my last advice I was like "yea, sleep! I love to sleep" then I remembered I have 2 kids at home who likes to wake up early, so that went out the window as well. As for not worring all I gotta say is HAHA, I wish!

Anywhoos now you see why I´m very close to hitting something against my head very HARD indeed. Its either that or ripping it out!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A simple Cup

So I´ve decided to look at the bright side of things....
Look at the cup half full kinda of thing.
But I seem to be going through some withdrawals.
Yesterday when i got a phone call from a friend
asking me if i could watch her kid overnight,
(cup half full)---> instead of thinking yea it will b good cuz when i need it she will do the same for me,
(cup half empty)--->I tought oh man there goes my peace..
(cup half full)--->Now her kid is an awesome very sweet kid as are my kids
(cup half empty)---> but when u put 3 sweet kids together things just seem to happen unexpectedly.
(cup haf empty)--->And when I arrived home and all 3 were still unbathed i thought geez here i go, Im gonna have to help all of them bathe and put pjs on,
(cup half full)---> what i should have thought was, so nice to see them all happy and  healthy with all their homeworks done.
(cup half empty)--->So after they were in their pjs I turned the TV on so they could quietly watch a movie only to find out that the cable was out, so then i thought crap i cant believe my lack of luck
(cup half full)--->and what i should have thought was great I´ll just read to them spend some quality time and then put them to bed...and at least we still have the internet...lol
So i guess this quest on becoming a cup half full kinda of gal will be more difficult than I had imagined!!!
Don´t I wish!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today i woke up from a weird, but cool dream i was having where i had turned into a vampire; now u might say im watching too many vamps movies or reading, but i havent done either in quite sometime. But i woke up cuz i was having terrible cramps, u know the type women get when its their time of the month?!... SO im guessing thats y  i had that dream about becoming a vamp, kind of makes sense....lol

Today i dont feel like going to work, in fact i feel like doing absolutely nothing!


Have the luxury to do nothing so...

Im going to work! Against my will. UGHHHHH!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Naive much????

So last night while working something happened that was a lil embarrassing for me. Now in order for u to understand ill explain what i do; my husband and I sell churros (its a spanish dessert) really delish! Well you have 2 choices of fillings, caramel or chocolate and 4 choices of toppings peanuts, coconut, chocolate sprinkles or colored sprinkles. So back to the story....last night my husband left me alone for like 10 min to go to the gas station, meanwhile this guy came over to buy 2 churros so i told him our choices of fillings, he chose caramel for both, when i got to telling him our choices of toppings he said "oh, no peanuts for me, they are bad for me" so i very innocently said " yeah, lots of people have allergies to peanuts" at this point he started laughing and I had this very stupid look on my face (u know the look you get when u dont understand whats going on, but everyone is laughing?) so he looks at me and says (still laughing) " i dont have allergies, it was just a joke" (he keeps on laughing) so now im really looking confused and a lil awkward cuz now in my head im thinking that maybe what he meant was that peanuts gives him a stomachache. Then he says he will have the peanut topping. So with all the dignity that i can muster I go and make his churros.....(he´s  still chuckling.) I was feeling so awkward that i gave him the wrong change, when he points it out i´m even more embarrassed...finally he leaves and my husband comes back, I told him the whole ordeal and he just looked at me and said "oh, Jennifer you dont know what they say about peanuts and men?" i was like "no, what?" to my frustration he just laughs...AHHHH so later he explains to me that its supposed to help.....well u know.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Love

I refuse to love if love is not what i dream of
I would rather spend my days loving my dreams of love
Than live to hate what i love most.


Love me not with all you heart but
Love me with all your soul
For your heart will perish but
Your sould will live through eternity

Seek me not in your grieve but
Seek me in you happiness
For your grieve may kill our love, but you happiness will keep it alive

Hate death not because he was selfish but
Hate death for he has fallen in love wth me
Know that when you feel a gentle wind touching your body
It is my love kissing you in silence.


When he was young, he had many dreams
Dreams that he knew would not become reality
Early on he had to take on a grown man´s job
Throughout his young life he already felt like an old soul
Both his body and mind were well advanced for his young age
He did find someone to love, to share
But his lost childhood hunted him
Now his love is gone
The person in the mirror staring back at him is old and wrinkled
A single tear rolls down this person´s face?
He touches that tear, amazed that he was actually the one to have put it there
After all those years he could still feel the pain
He thought was long gone
He went back to bed, lying there waiting
Finally he closed his eyes and saw the light
Lights out; at least in this world.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Legally Blind

Big Tiger
So about 5 months ago we welcomed Big Tiger into our family. He was on the streets my husband found him with no collar, so he brought him home. We saw that he has blind very early on as he would hit his head on every tree stump, trash can, etc on his way...lol poor guy. He´s such a loving dog, we couldnt b happier with him....well maybe we could b a lil happier if he didnt shed quite soo much....but no one is perfect. A few days ago by pure coincidence my husband started talking to this guy about dogs and he told him he found a blind dog that looks like a tiger and the other guy said oh i know the dog he escaped from my friend´s house....AH i freaked out at that moment, cuz i was not about to give big tiger up. So i listen to the guy and he said that he was happy he found another family cuz his friend didnt take very good care of big tiger...funny thing his name really was Big tiger :) it was meant to be :) And he also said that his friend got big tiger from a rehab facility. All very interesting. 

What do YOU see?

What do u see?

Blank sheet of paper
Now what do you see?
A black DOT on a white piece of paper?!
Now dont feel bad, if everyone answers honestly thats what they would say they saw. Now putting this into perspective; its like what my friend always say "You do hundrends of things right, and no one sees. You do one thing wrong and 200 hundrend people see it." 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Funny story?

Okay so i had just finished waxing my floors and i had to go to the bathroom, so i decided to go to the outside bathroom. I did my business and flushed the toilet...and what was inside it???? A freaking toad!!!!
 i flipped out! OMG i didnt see it! i was just sooo glad it didnt decide to jump while i was sitting!!! Well after the shock wore off i decided to flush again just to make sure the toad was gone, so by the third time guess what??? ANOTHER one fell!!! OH MY GOSH! i couldnt believe it! Well needless to say all my neighboors heard my screams! Embarassing or hilarious???? u decide! i can now laugh about it LOL!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hard work pays off? I think not, some of us are really hard working people who havent caught a break. And some are also hard working but the difference is they had luck; maybe the right place at the right time kinda of thing. Seems to me the world is an unbalanced place, no equilibrium whats so ever, i mean some go hungry; their view of luck is finding some good leftovers in the trash can, while others pays thousands of dollars for a freakin plate of food. Some live in a mansion own their own island, others have their house made of cardboard. Some drive beemers while others dont even have legs. Really where is the middle ground here??? Really that saying you make ur own luck?? how very not true is that! I truly believe u either are born to succede or you are born to fail....it was already written that way. Call me a pessimist if you want, but think is it pessimism or just the reality of things. Maybe ignorance is bliss.... ?!

This is for my beautiful sons!

To Johnathan and Daniel I havent done many things right in my life, but 2 things i have DEFINITELY done right; my kids, my life, my love!

Thank you for your love,
thank you for you care,
thank you for not judging,
thank you for loving me inspite of my flaws,
thank you for seeing me as no other person sees me,
thank you for thinking im your hero,
thank you for making my life worth living,
thank you for giving me the happiest moments,
thank you for sharing your dreams with me.
Through your eyes I see the person I was meant to be!

The work continues!

Everyday is the same thing, I drag myself out of bed (im NOT a morning person), make a breakfast for champions for my kids ( consisting of a cup of chocolate milk); now in my defense thats all they want, then i start doing laundry. Wash the dishes, dust the house, sweep the floors and mop it. Try to help  my kids with their homework b4 lunch and then I gently ask my hubbie to buy take out for lunch :) I HATE COOKING! Get the kids ready for school, send them off and I´m back doing dishes. Its a never ending job!!!!!!! By this time im soo stressed out that i pop a xanax to calm my nerves ( no worries its doctor prescribed). My husband is getting the churros car ready for us to go to work a few hours later and we leave.

I dont know if im a control freak, a clean freak or just plain freak. I think D all of the above.
I know im not normal but who is?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Random thoughts of a weird mind...

For a while now i started to notice how much i love the sound of  freight trains, any kind of trains for that matter. And every time i hear it i wonder about the driver of such trains, what an amazing job it must be; to be able to see landscapes as no one else sees it! But then again, is it lonely? it must  get lonely sometimes. Although i  imagine that its all worth it at night when the sky is beautiful and clear and u can see all the beautiful stars!
Another day my hubbie and i were driving to work and i saw nomads with their tents and stuff; and i thought what an interesting way of life! I mean to have so lil material possessions that u can easily carry with you as u move from place to place, its amazing. Also they get to see soo many different places, cultures, and meet so many different people. But then again if i were to live that way now i dont think i could make it. I think in order for you to be a nomad u would have to b born in that culture.
Anyways enough of my crazy thoughts!