Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh yea, thats right!

I will be all by myself for 3 dayssss!!!! I will not have to cater to anyone else´s needs, only my own!!!!
Big PlAnS, big PlAnS I AM sooooo SIKED!!!!!!!!! I will tell you every thing that i do in these 3 days! Just a BTW I DO LOVE my family!!!! Though I´m looking forward to some ME time =) YAY!

There will be a lot of sleeping
There will be a lot of eating
There will be a lot of watching TV
There will be a lot of surfing the net
There will be a lot of talking with friends
There will be a lot of reading

Doesn´t this move you?!

Sitting in my car waiting for my husband to buy his so wanted car radio, I saw something very moving happening outside. It´s a cold saturday morning and this man is out with his 3 little girls collecting recyclables. Before I tell you about this scene that I so happen to witness, I need to explain something; here in Brazil there are many people who go out collecting recyclabes they have this wagon/cart they use to put it all, they  litterally pull wagons/carts all day despite the weather in order to feed their families.

This is what I´m talking about, here they call them "catadores."
This is not the picture of the man I´m talking about.
 Well now you can better understand why this was so moving to me. This is what I saw.... The man parks his wagon on the side of the street so he can collect the recyclables people have left out, his three little girls run into this bakery to ask for food, and they come out empty handed. The girls are about 8, 6 and 3 they are wearing clothes that they have long outgrown  (and it is cold!) Their father  hold their hands to cross the street, the youngest two go with him and the oldest one stays behind with the cart. She picks up this blue dress; that I assume someone gave her, and with the biggest smile she puts the dress in front of her little 8 year old body and she dances with joy, she was litterally dancing. A worker from the bakery comes out and gives her a bag with 3 sandwiches. When the father comes back the oldest girl hand each of her sisters a sandwich (she had some trouble handing the sandwich because their dog wanted to grab it from her hand.) The youngest girl tries to give her father a piece and he refuses, but after much persistence he finally takes a little bite of the sandwich. The father starts pulling the wagon and they leave that street.

The whole time the girls had smiles on their faces, as sad I as I was to see them it was when I looked at their father that my heart broke. I could see the pain in his face...all I could see was pain....and of course the love and care he had for his children. Yes it was the love he had for them that made him suffer. Every parent want whats best for their children.....


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birds are chirping!

I took it this morning! this lil guy might just be the reason i woke up in a good mood !!
Its funny how most of the time I wont remember what i wore the previous day, what I did, what I ate, who I saw, but I´ll remember things from waaay back in the day. I was talking to a friend about 9/11 and we both remembered exactly what we were doing when it happened.... and I realized that everyone I have talked to about that day remembers exactly what they were doing! Memory is a funny thing, some repress unwanted memories (without inteding to!), some like myself work real hard on remembering the good memories and forgetting the not so good! Sometimes a smell will trigger a memory, sometimes its a song, how amazingly complex our mind is!!!

Well enough of that, for the simpler things in life now... I woke up at 7AM today! YAY me! You see I´m not a morning person so i´m  excited I woke up early with...

wait for it....
wait for it...

A GREAT MOOD! I´ll be able to get sooo many things done in the morning! I wont be rushing like a maniac this morning :) I´m in such a great mood that I think, actually I know I will make a lasagna for lunch =) Dont know what it is but i woke up in a great mood and full of hope...Just plain happy or content? Dunno but its a gReAt feeling!!! Sooo GOOD MORNING TO ALL!!!!

View from my back yard !

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I wanted..

Growing up I wanted to be a lot of things, but these are the ones that I really ReAlLy wanted...

Okay so instead of Captain America pretend it says Jennifer Papps :)
Being an FBI agent was the first thing I remember I wanted to be....I still remember the day this police officer came to our school on career day, and I remember thinking yes thats what I want! I want to be a detective and work for the FBI.

Then I remember becoming obsessed with the night sky/outer space.... so I decided I wanted to be an astronaut.

Yes, then came acting
Later on I decided I wanted to try acting... I mean who wouldnt want to be someone else?! I could be anyone!!! I could have many different professions, live in many different places, learn and live in so many different cultures...

Finally I wanted to be a writer

I found that If I became a writer all my dreams could come true, all that I ever wanted..I could create I could write! I could be an FBI agent,  an astronaut, an actress anything I wanted I could have through my writing. The opportunities would be endless!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey dear blogger friends! I love reading your blogs...and i like commenting on it as well, but it seems
like blogger is having some technical difficulties because i cant seem to comment it sends me to the login page every time! But if you have the option of name and URL on your blog then it makes it easier to comment! And its easy you just go to settings, then comments and change your options of who can comment to anyone! I have been trying to comment on the blogs that I follow! so to all the blogs that I follow, sorry I havent been able to comment, I have been reading it and I love it and I wanted to comment but couldn´t. :/

Jennifer Papps

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go Jennifer, Go Jennifer ...Its your birthday, its your birthday !

Hello dear blogger friends! Today its my special day...(well along with 9 million other people) Today is the day I was born :) 26 years ago at around 4PM in Secaucus, NJ. In these mere 26 years I have made many mistakes, but it was through them that I matured and grown as a person. It seems like I lived a 100 years all within the 26. I dont mean that I have gained a 100 yrs worth of wisdom just that i  have lived through sooo many experiences.

Last night while staring at the beautiful night sky I realized something.....the reason some of my dreams/wishes didnt come true is simply because it doesnt exist. There is no such thing as happily ever after.. no such thing as soul mates. Everything in life takes hard work and a lot of compromising to work out.

So Im ready to work, Im ready to compromise but im still not ready to let go of my dreams and hopes :)

I will not take for granted my life
I will not take for granted my family
I will not take for granted my friends
I will not take for granted all that I have been blessed with!
I will live, I will fight, I will not give up or give in.

And most importantly I will always have fun...specially TODAY !  :D

I will post a pic of me later on tonight :) me celebrating my B-DAY!!!!!
Happy Reading
Happy writing!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

From me to you---edited with pic now :)

I wanted to share with all of you a song that is soo very special to me because its our song =) Our being mine and my beautiful, awesome, loyal, coolest best friend Brie! Love you girl!!!! We have some stories to tell dont we? But we made it through together! I know I woldnt have survived without you by my side! I know what a true friendship is...its what we have and will always have in eachother, a true friend! Though we are oceans apart, my love grows as does the pain from being apart from you....but you are always in my heart and thoughts!!
Brie´s blogspot (soooo funny)
Me and Brie...80s night!