Thursday, December 23, 2010

Woke up in the wrong side of the bed!

I woke up today with my son telling me it was time to get up, the phone was ringing, the braces I put on my teeth Monday are still hurting, and my dog tiger ran away and was in a fight with the neighbor´s dog. So i tried to put clothes as fast as i could to rescue my dog, my neighbors probably think I'm crazy...oh well.
I tried some some talk with the neighbor whose dog mine was fighting, couldn't really hear what he was saying so i just smiled and nodded. Told my kids to watch some TV while I made breakfast only to find out they cut my cable due to lack of payment...ugh how dare they?! I need some rest and its how i get it for like 10 min. When I´m lucky its how long my peace lasts before the kids start fighting. Really I don't know how some people do it, have it together all the freaking time. Well i sure as heck don't. Be back later see if this day gets better.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first time!

Well, i have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now...specially because
i tend to talk to myself (in my head) about what i could write. Its funny, at least in my head it is.
I have been living in Brazil for near 2 years now, its taking some getting use to it. Its a different world here.
I was born in NJ to a brazilian mom, and a greek-brazilian father. My father was raised in the USA and it was there he met my mom. They married had me and moved to Brazil, i was 2 at the time. They got divorced (big surprise, haha) anyway then my mother went back to the States when i was 12. I met my husband in the US got married had 2 kids. My husband big surprise is brazilian, he got deported cuz he got in  the country illegally and even though we are married I cant give him the green card until he gets a pardon cuz they changed the law in 2001 and we married in 2004 (figures, my luck). Now I´m 25 yrs old trying to adapt to a different culture. I guess thats what most of my blogs will be in Brazil!