Thursday, February 23, 2012

I can see clearly now

I´ve been blinded

I´ve been deceived

I´ve been delusional

I´ve believed in you

Now I know I must have been out of my mind

I see the truth now

I can see the real you

Gone over in my head
All the things left unsaid
If at least you´ve given me an explanation

The courtesy of a goodbye

You´ve made me jaded

You´ve made me a cynic

You´ve made me bitter

I can see the truth behind the lies now

I see the err of my ways now

A little too late, isn´t that always the case

I believed all your promises

I believed all your declarations

I believed in all your lies

I can see the coward hiding behind the "man"

One thing I will promise

I will never allow myself to be played again

I will never allow my feelings to be toyed with

Ever again

I guess I have you to thank

Thank you for allowing me to see the truth

In midst of all the chaos

I stand here alone

Stronger in the aftermath

Piecing together the shards of a broken soul.

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