Sunday, July 29, 2012

There is always hope

Seasons come and go
We are forever changing
I´m not always hopeful
I´m not always sure
Most times when feeling that way I seek isolation
No tears, thoughts, feelings come, because
Sometimes I definitely lose faith
Fortunately I have friends to make me see
How truly blessed I am
That the past does not define your future
That there is hope even when you cant see it
That there is beauty inspite the chaos
That there is hope for humanity
That every rose has its torn
That in the end, if you do your best, be your best
It was definitely worth the ride.

Just like seasons, people come and go from your life.
Some came for a specific purpose, when that purpose is fulfilled they leave.
I make "friends" easily, it has always been that way for me. But those who
stay in my life are few, probably because I´m not an easy person to get along..
I have many flaws, and qualities as well; Im honest to a fault, if you need me Im there
no matter what. I love unconditionally, I wasnt put here on earth to judge anyone, I´m not
an example to live by, but most importantly I dont think anyone has the right to judge
another human live, you make mistakes, you learn..sometimes it takes you time to learn, but nevertheless at some point you do. One thing I do know for sure, you need people in your life, you need friends to help you see the light when you no longer can, and you need to do the same when life is so oblique to your friend/s. In this life, in this world we NEED one another. Don´t be perfect, because that is unrealistic; but be the person, the human being you want others to be for your sake and others. 
See the beauty in the chaos,  the world is not black and white..there will be happiness, there will be
sorrow, there will be success, there will be failure; it is all about how you see  things, that matters! 
So see the beauty!!!!

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